Dynaco High Speed Doors

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Interior High Performance Doors

Interior high speed doors are the ideal solution for separating critical interior areas. These innovative doors can be specially suited for environments ranging from cold storage and clean rooms to general manufacturing or special machine protection applications. Rapid opening speeds and advanced safety systems combine with tight sealing and pressure resistance to help isolate or control environments.

M3 All Weather

High performance door designed for large applications or extreme pressure requirements and protection against any weather condition. Protect against wind, precipitation, dust and extreme temperatures while saving energy with a tight seal around the full perimeter of the door. The high-speed open/close mechanics optimize traffic and logistics in and out of your building.

M3 Power

A high performance door for large applications where safety, wind loads and environmental control are a main concern. This high performance door can handle intensive use, allowing rapid traffic patterns in and out of your industrial building, warehouse or hangar. The DYNACO Power M3 high performance door optimizes material handling and transport activities to keep your operation productive.

M2 All Weather

High performance door for medium sized outside applications with intensive use and subject to high wind loads. The unique design uses a motor to push down the flexible curtain and requires no ballast to close the high performance door. It remains fully operational even with strong headwinds bearing down on exposed buildings, warehouses or hangars. The patented push-pull drive technology and rapid open/close door cycle ensure uninterrupted production, transport or logistic activities even under extreme conditions.

M2 Basic

A high performance roll up door for up to 100 cycles per day in an interior or loading dock application. The DYNACO M2 BASIC high performance door has a rapid open/close cycle that enables easy movement of products, equipment and people. By maintaining constant climate control, the DYNACO M2 BASIC high performance door reduces loss of heat and air conditioning to save energy costs. The high performance door keep drafts, humidity, dust and dirt out of your facility.

D-6 Series

The Most Advanced High Performance Roll-up Door. ULTRA HIGH SPEED OPENING
Dynaco D-6 Doors advance the push/pull technology that Dynaco originated. With every component of the D-6 optimized, it opens and closes quickly, quietly and reliably, traveling up to 140 inches per second. Special features for easy installation and maintenance, such as movable panels in the drum cover reduce the cost of ownership. The Dynalogix 5 controller features a user-friendly touchscreen interface for operation and maintenance.

M2 Power

High performance doors that provide reliable environmental control while increasing productivity and safety. The DYNACO Power M2 high performance door requires little maintenance, is easy to use and is durable. It is ideal for industrial facilities, warehouses, hangars, production or transport facilities. The high performance door withstands and operates in moderate to high wind load or pressure. Its fast open/close door cycle keeps your operation running smoothly.

D-313 Streamline Cleanroom

The Limit air flow leaks and particulate generation. The DYNACO D-313 CLEANROOM flexible high speed roll up door is ideal to seal off cleanrooms. It keeps pressure levels stable, contaminants out and limits air consumption. You can build airlocks with this high speed door and keep your cleanroom in over- or under-pressure. The flexible PVC door curtain is pressure resistant. The superior and tight seal keeps clean air in and contaminated air out, resulting in significant energy savings.

The D-501

Fast access to industrial spaces with a safe and reliable high performance door. The DYNACO D-501 high performance roll up door is designed for intensive interior use while enhancing energy savings, environment control and reducing maintenance. Advanced push-pull drive technology and unique 1-piece belt design offers superior performance in moderate pressure environments. This fast and reliable door helps to optimize your production process and traffic flow.


A wind resistant, high speed rubber door. The DYNACO S-741 is an extremely durable high performance door with refined and improved side guides for enhanced rubber panel retention in high winds. This high speed door was designed to provide uninterrupted functionality, reliability and performance while maintaining maximum workflow, safety and efficiency.

D-4 Series

The High performance door designed to withstand air pressure differences. Dynaco D-4 Series doors are a new and enhanced design providing better environmental control, efficiency and lower life cycle cost than competitive products. Appropriate for interior or exterior applications, the door will resist static wind pressure to 9.4 lbs./ft2. The doors incorporate unique Dynaco innovations including: “soft curtain” technology, fully automatic re-insertion and low friction encapsulated edge retention.

M2 Stainless Steel

The ideal high performance door for hygiene demanding environments. The DYNACO Stainless Steel M2 high performance door is designed for applications where a high degree of hygiene is required, such as agriculture of food industry.
With its smooth flexible PVC door curtain and stainless steel side covers, this high performance door allows for frequent cleaning. It is perfectly resistant to corrosive conditions that might be present.

D-313 Streamline

A high performance door for outstanding environmental control through the use of state of the art technology. The innovative DYNACO Streamline high performance roll up door combines aesthetics and speed. The sleek, attractive exterior houses patented components designed for maximum performance with minimal noise and clearance issues and an in-tube motor reduces lateral spacing.

D-311 Slimeline Stainless

Seal off your cleanroom with a high performance door and save energy. The DYNACO SLIMLINE STAINLESS flexible, high performance door ensures a tight seal for cleanrooms, keeping stable pressure levels and protecting against contaminents. The high performance door enables airlocks that correct pressure differentials, and the flexible PVC door current is pressure resistant. Benefit from significant energy savings while keeping contaminated air out and clean air in with DYNACO’s superior and tight seal.

M2 Freezer

Maintain low product temperatures with a high performance freezer door. Quickly move people and products in and out of your freezer room with the DYNACO Freezer M2 high performance door. The superior seal minimizes temperature loss and temperature variation to save energy and costs. Limit condensation and ice build-up with an optional insulation curtain mounted on the high performance freezer door that produces an additional barrier to keep warm temperatures out and cold temperatures in.

D-311 Slimline Techno

High performance door designed for interior environments. The DYNACO Slimline Techno high performance door is designed for interior environments, providing a high-tech, safe, and aesthetical pleasing door for even most demanding customers. Move materials faster while improving your public and warehouse spaces with this high performance door for interior use. A rapid door cycle saves time and streamlines your daily operations.