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Automatic Door Projects

Throughout the year, our team completes several successful projects with automatic doors. To get a taste of what we have to offer for commercial automatic doors and installation services, preview the case studies below.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Implements New Clean Room


In this case study, a laboratory that compounds medications expanded their operations. The customer performed a complete renovation to the interior of the space and configured multiple clean room environments.

The team provided 42 clean room doors, complete with wave to open functionality for hands-free operation. To be approved, these automatic doors and the wiring had to meet International Standards Organization (ISO) standards. Ultimately, the lab’s footprint expanded six-fold their original size. For additional details of this project, read the full case study.

Corporate Financial Office Increases Building Security with New Doors


A heavily-trafficked building housed offices on more than 20 floors of a multinational financial services company. To increase security at the bank of elevators, the company added security revolving doors in the front lobby.

Also, the project included storefront materials, aluminum swing doors, automatic openers, cladding and hardware. Additionally, we recommended to add transoms above the door structures to improve energy efficiency. Because of the work on this project, the company selected to work with us exclusively for their door needs. For the full story, read the complete case study.

Airport Expansion Calls for Sliding Doors with Limited Sound Transmission


An airport added new amenities and transportation options onsite. Unfortunately, the automatic doors that were originally specified did not meet Sound Transmission Class (STC) requirements. Also, they needed to overcome installation challenges with walk-off mats underneath revolving doors.

The project team researched the STC requirements and potential options. As a result, they recommended a proprietary fine-frame automatic sliding door with interlocking frames. The recommendation met both the STC requirements, as well as the design plan. The team installed 17 of the sliding doors, in addition to other doors throughout the facility. They also coordinated extensively with the general contractor, architect and mat manufacturer to ensure installation went smoothly for the walk-off mats. Catch all the details in the full case study.

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