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National Ladder Safety Month: Ladder Inspection and Disposal

Remember to properly inspect ladders and related equipment each time before you start to use them. The American Ladder Institute presents National Ladder Safety Month during the month of March to make ladder safety a priority.

Ladder Safety Inspection Reminders

  • Locks and pulleys
  • Safety shoes
  • Ladder rungs
  • Ladder rails
  • Connections and fasteners
  • Ropes

Ladder safety: inspection and disposal

How to Dispose of an Unsafe Ladder

It is very important to dispose an unsafe ladder properly. If an unsafe ladder is picked up by someone and they use it, you could be held liable if the individual is injured on a damaged ladder.

Do not cut the ladder in half across the rails. It is possible someone may still see this as a usable ladder and attempt to work with it.

Do cut the ladder in half by cutting directly down the center of the rungs, from top to bottom.

Take safety into your own hands by taking ladder safety seriously. Visit to learn more.