Kelley WearMaster® Foam Dock Seal with 2-piece Movable Head Pad System

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 Kelley WearMaster

Kelley WearMaster® Foam Dock Seal with 2-piece Movable Head Pad System

Our innovative WearMaster Foam Dock Seal with Two-piece Movable Head Pad System actually moves vertically with the vehicle, reducing wear on your head pad and side pads, increasing the life of your dock seal. The durable head pad slides up to six inches with the vehicle as it shifts up or down from load weight changes, air-ride suspensions or yard-spotting tractors. This dock seal, constructed of our strongest materials, including roll-formed galvanized steel framing, will enhance seal performance at your loading dock.

Design Highlights

  • Standard Projection Up to 10″
  • Side Pads Have 3” Inside Bottom Flaps
  • Two-Piece Movable Head Pad System with Sliding Front Pad Increases Durability & Service Life of Dock Seal
  • 4″ Exposure Wear Pleats on Side Pads & Head Pad Corners for Protection in Critical Wear Areas
  • 25 oz. Urethane-Coated Base Material Provides Optimum Sliding Surfaces for Maximum Wear Ability
  • Galvanized Steel Backing on Head and Side Pads Reduces Pressure on the Building Wall
  • Self-Drilling Screws through Washers Provide Secure Attachment of Sliding Wear Pleat System
  • Minimum 6″ Bumper Protection Required for Yard Jockey Applications (6″ Steel Face Bumpers Preferred)
  • 114″ Minimum Unit Width Recommended
  • 93″ Clear Opening Recommended for Cold Storage Applications – Increase Unit Width by 3″
  • Increase “Standard” Unit Height by 6″ When 14′ Trucks Are Present (Western States)