Automated Gate Systems

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sliding gateSliding Gate

The sliding gate can be used in applications where swing or other types of gates may not be feasible.
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Swing GateSwing Gate

A swing gate gets its name for the nature of the gates opening motion. one end of the gate is attached to a stationary post via a set of hinges; the other end swings free to allow passage.
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Overhead GatesOverhead Gate

The overhead gate is a one piece gate that runs on a heavy duty track system very similar to a garage door on a residence.
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Vertical Pivot GateVertical Pivot Gate

The vertical pivot gate comes complete with gate and operator. This type of gate is counter balanced to allow up to a 20 foot gate to raise up on an angle or pivoting up on the opening cycle and pivoting down on the closing cycle.
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Vertical Lift GateVertical Lift Gate

The vertical lift gates are designed for larger applications where extremely large vehicles such as trucks and buses are present and there is no room to install a slide or swing gate.
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BarrierBarrier Systems

These operators are designed so that they can be mounted on either the left or right hand side of the roadway.
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