Seals and Shelters

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Compression Dock SealCompression Dock Seal

Compression dock seals with foam-filled head pad and side pads provide the most effective seal and the
most economical solution for 8′ to 9′ wide dock doors.
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L-Pad Style Dock SealL-Pad Style Dock Seal

The L style side pads give you full-width access to vehicles when docked at doors up to 10′ wide.
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Soft-Sided SheltersSoft-Sided Shelters

Soft-sided shelters service a variety of vehicle sizes and types, while providing full unimpeded access to the
interior of the trailer.
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Rigid Frame SheltersRigid Frame Shelters

Rigid frame dock shelters are the most versatile solution because they will accommodate the widest range
of vehicles.
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