PSI Planned Maintenance

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Facility_Inspec-016Protect your investment, avoid downtime and increase safety.

Members of {division} Planned Maintenance (PM) Program can save substantial time and money by reducing costly breakdowns and loss of time, while extending the operating life and efficiency of all doors, operators and dock equipment.



PM Program Benefits Include:

  • A 10% labor rate reduction on ALL service and repair work while enrolled in the program.
  • Priority scheduling for service and repairs.
  • Decrease in costly downtime.
  • Increased operational efficiency and reliability of your facility doors, docks and related equipment.
  • Reduced probability of your doors, operators and dock equipment malfunctioning.
  • Extended safe and useful life of your doors, operators and dock equipment.
  • Decrease in long term repair expenses.
  • Each PM service call includes a written checklist of work performed, along with recommendations for any needed repairs or product replacement.
  • Enrollment is FREE. You pay only for the discounted labor used to perform the planned¬†maintenance work along with any repair parts that are used per your authorization.

PM Program Products Covered: Doors of all types, electric operators and all dock equipment may be included under this PM Program. PM services are provided for sectional doors and operators, rolling steel doors and operators, dock levelers, dock seals, shelters, bumpers, and truck restraints. In addition, {division} offers professional PM service on high speed doors, automatic doors, impact doors, chain and scissor gates, hanger doors, operable walls and related type commercial, industrial and/or institutional doors and openings. Each PM Program can be individually designed for your facility specific doors, operators and dock equipment.