What It Takes

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What It Takes to Bring Great Service to Your Door…

  • Stocking of Parts – To make sure your door is repaired as soon as possible our technicians carry a large inventory of parts and accessories for many brands of doors and openers.
  • Specialized Training – Our factory trained technicians with years of field experience means you receive the right repair, done efficiently, in the shortest time.
  • Support Staff – It takes a diverse combination of people to support a top quality service business. Customer service professionals, dispacters, warehouse staff, carpenters, material managers and other professional support staff.
  • Transportation – Service vehicles to get technicians to your home when you need them require maintenance, gas, tires, etc.
  • Part Sales – Staffing our parts window with knowledgeable personnel and hundreds of the most common parts and accessories insures that when you need a new part you can see the product, including the size, shape and color of the part before you make a decision.
  • Communication – Making sure you can find our number and reach a live person when your door needs repairing 24/7.
  • Special Tools – The right tool for the right job insures a proper repair that will keep your door secure and operating safely.
  • Facility Costs – Showrooms, warehouses and business offices all have expenses for rent, maintenance, phones, computers, office supplies, cleaning, lighting, air conditioning, heating, water and sewer.
  • Insurance – Liability insurance for our employees and customers, casualty insurance for our facilities, workers compensation, auto insurance for our service vehicles.