Bi-State Loading Dock Equipment

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aFX-C Air Powered LevelerDock Levelers

No matter the application type required. Hydraulic, Mechanical, Air Bag, Edge of Dock, or Vertical Storing, we have what you need. View Dock Levelers.

Seals and Shelters

We have the Dock Seal or Shelter that you need for your business. You can find the right shelter and seal for your application. View Seals and Shelters.

Star4Vehicle Restraints

Whether you need a mechanical or automatic vehicle restraint, we have what you need. View Vehicle Restraints.

Lift ProductsKelley KomboDock

Lift Products help increase productivity and employee safety with innovative, cost-effective solutions to the unique challenges associated with moving products in the plant and warehouse and on the loading dock. Dock Lifts make your loading docks 100% accessible, allowing you to move products safely and easily. View Lift Products.

KelleyWAVEfanHigh Volume Low Speed Fans

HVLS Fans feature an advanced blade profile which means more lift while the five (5) blade design results in less stress to your building. The combination of these engineering discoveries equates to an increase in airflow without increasing energy usage. View HVL Fans

dock bridgeDock Bridges

Modular dock bridges are designed to span the gap between the warehouse and the trailer. Dock bridges mount to the warehouse floor using only four heavy-duty anchor bolts, requires no concrete work and provides a lower lifetime cost-of-ownership than edge-of-dock levelers, portable plates and many types of mechanical pit-styled dock levelers can provide.
View Dock Bridges.

Dock Doors

Dock Doors offers a wide range of loading dock doors suitable for a variety of applications. Specialty and impactable dock doors are designed to provide optimal energy efficiency at a lower total cost of ownership. With unique features such as a patented track, panel, plunger and weatherseal system, dock doors have the potential to help facilities realize substantial energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. View Dock Doors.

dock accessories
Dock Accessories

Bi-State provides a full line of aftermarket accessories, replacement parts and service programs designed to keep your loading dock running safely and efficiently. From vehicle restraints to LED lighting, Planned Maintenance programs to upgrade services, Bi-State has a solution designed to fit the needs of your operation. View Dock Accessories.