HULK® Air Lift

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HULK® Air Lift

Air-Powered Lifts provide unrivaled portability and ease of installation thanks to our airstroke actuator and standard fork pockets. These flexible lifts combine a safe and clean activation system (no electricity or hydraulics required) with the ergonomic advantages of lift tables, giving you easy-to-use, easy-to-move power when you need it most. .

 Design Highlights

  • No lag down, portable design
  • Pallet jack pockets built in
  • Removable gibs
  • Over-pressure relief valve
  • Operating angle from horizontal to 30 degrees from horizontal
  • Heavy-duty airbag
  • Downspeed flow control
  • Works on “shop air,” 80psi
  • Includes a hand or foot valve control and a 6′ hose
  • Meets or exceeds the ANSI MH29.2 standard for industrial scissor lift