HULK® Kombo Dock

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HULK® Kombo Dock

The Kelley HULK KOMBO DOCK marries the speed and efficiency of a hydraulic dock leveler with the versatility of a scissors lift, eliminating the need for dedicated docks equipped with expensive concrete ramps or dock lifts. This dock leveler and scissors lift combination can service almost any “above grade” application.


High-performance dock leveler — it provides the same performance benefits of a hydraulic dock leveler such as regenerative hydraulics, powered lip control, safety velocity fuse and push-button controls.

Below-dock operation — In scissor mode, it eliminates the steep grade differences between the vehicle bed and the leveler deck, providing safe, level, below-dock operations.

Scissors lift versatility — Unlike standard scissor lifts, the hydraulically powered dock lip ensures faster cycling times and its

 Design Highlights

  • 50,000 lbs. Capacity Leveler (per ANSI MH14.1-1987)
  • 12,000 lbs. Capacity Lift (8 ft. long units)
  • 20,000 lbs. Capacity Lift (10 & 12 ft. long units)
  • 18″ Lip Standard
  • LED Light Communication Package
  • Remote 7.5 HP Independent Lift Motor & Hydraulic System
  • PLC Operation
  • 1 HP Independent Leveler Motor & Hydraulic System
  • Full Feature NEMA 12 Control Panel with Mushroom Style Stop Button
  • Remote NEMA 4X Pendant Push Button Hand Control
  • Interior Warning Light & Audible Alarm Indicate Dock Lift Is Not In Stored Position
  • Safety Velocity Fuse on Leveler and Lift
  • Guard Rail Package
  • Rear Hinge Blocks
  • Protective Roller Curtain on Front
  • Side and Rear Weather seal
  • Grease Fittings