HULK® Rail Lift

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HULK® Rail Lift

Rail Lifts are a cost-efficient, powered loading dock solution when a surface-mounted lift is required. Our Rail Lifts are completely self-contained, easy to relocate and are simple, fast and inexpensive to install.

 Design Highlights

  • Self-contained power unit/control panel
  • Low-profile platform
  • Checker plate or smooth deck surface
  • 42″ high fixed handrail (optional on 2,500 lb. capacities)
  • 18″ long hinged bridge lip (optional on 2,500 lb. capacities)
  • Sealed guide bearing rollers
  • 60″ high fixed mast guard
  • Direct-thrust cylinders provide constant speed through full range of travel
  • Velocity fuses on lift cylinders prevent uncontrolled descent
  • Self-locking safety/maintenance pin
  • Available in 2,500 – 20,000 lb. capacities