HULK® Tilter

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HULK® Tilter

Small parts and components are typically stored in bins and baskets that are difficult to access. Tilters position parts and hard-to-reach objects within easy reach of workers. Our Tilters minimize reaching and bending over, thus reducing the risk of back injuries.

 Design Highlights

  • Pre-wired power unit with UL approved control components
  • Power unit internally mounted
  • Available in 1 1/2 hp three-phase or 3/4 hp single-phase with 24V AC control valve
  • Self-lubricating composite bearings
  • Velocity fuses on all cylinders to prevent uncontrolled descent
  • Double wire braided hydraulic hoses
  • Polyethylene reservoir allows easy visual check of oil level
  • Maintenance locks built into frame
  • Standard 12′ high lip
  • 28″ W x 38″ L minimum platform size
  • Meets or exceeds the ANSI MH29.2 standard for industrial tilters