HULK® Truck Leveler

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HULK® Truck Leveler

Longer and lower vehicles present new challenges for today’s loading dock operators. Truck Levelers are used in applications where a dock is too high or low to service vehicles with conventional dock levelers. Our Truck Levelers safely raise or lower the vehicle to match the height of the loading dock. This allows for safer loading operations, especially in wet, icy or inclement weather conditions.

 Design Highlights

  • Surface or pit-mounted units available
  • Lift cylinder enclosure
  • Push-button activation
  • Approach ramp assembly (surface mount only)
  • 24″ vertical operating range
  • Synchronized lift cylinders with velocity fuses
  • High-pressure hoses
  • Beveled toe guards
  • Internal/external light control package
  • Wheel restraint system